Brea Real Estate

As a suburb of Los Angeles with a population of approximately 42,678, Brea is part of Orange County and remains one of the best places to live in California. Indeed, living in Brea offers residents a dense suburban feel, most of whom own their homes. Meanwhile, a plethora of restaurants, quaint coffee shops and parks beckon those seeking a more serene life, with many families and young professionals calling Brea home – and sending their children to highly-rated public schools.

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We’ve Done the Research

Looking to move to Brea? From the typically great SoCal weather to low crime rates, Brea makes a solid argument as the next place to call home. For those with children, the Brea-Olinda School District is ranked on Great Schools as one of the best in the Golden State – but before buying or renting a residence in Brea, we always recommend going to the district’s website and inputting your chosen Brea address to verify that your kids will indeed be able to register in that district.

Brea remains a lovely part of California with a well-developed city center including a plethora of restaurants, cafes and shops, all of which are relatively new and well-maintained. The streets are clean, some tree-lined, and there is a definite upper-middle-class aura throughout the town.

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