Fountain Valley Real Estate

We are the Malakai Sparks Group and we have a lot to tell you about Fountain Valley, California. This suburban city is a fantastic place to raise a family while enjoying the SoCal lifestyle, with its myriad of parks, incredible restaurants and golfing. Situated in the heart of Orange County just minutes from many points of interest, Fountain Valley is geographically located just north of Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa and Newport Beach, and just south of Santa Ana and Anaheim.

Since its incorporation in 1957 and throughout its rich history, the City of Fountain Valley has become known as “A Nice Place to Live,” with residents of the city adopting this motto because of the well-maintained streets, 20 nearby parks, wide range of recreation programs for all ages, incredible weather throughout the year and overall quality of life. Businesses also consider Fountain Valley to be a “Nice Place to do Business,” as well.


A Fountain Valley Real Estate Broker That Gets the Job Done

Selling your Fountain Valley home? The Malakai Sparks Group gets the job done with no muss and no fuss, constructing a tailored marketing plan for your unique property. Our plans team up traditional selling techniques with new and proven methods so that your Fountain Valley home sells quickly and for the best possible price.

If you have been relying on somewhat outdated methods to unload your property on the market, we can honestly tell you that it may remain at the “for sale” status longer than it should. You deserve a fair chance in this ever-changing and sometimes difficult-to-navigate market, which is why working with a true professional like the Malakai Sparks Group can mean the difference between a home that sells like hotcakes and one that results in loss of revenue for you and your family.

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